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Some time ago, a black journalist from San Francisco asked me if I thought I was an anachronism, referencing my ongoing, albeit isolated, struggle for black liberation. Apparently, she thought her job at an establishment newspaper was a sign that she was free. That was my acerbic response to her.

Her number has grown over the years, constituting a little legion of Negroes who would abandon any sense of duty or relationship to the masses of blacks in favor of a job in the house of our common oppressor. It is not anachronistic to believe today, as in the days of the Black Panther Party, that black people in the United States are not free and must be free. It is absurd to believe otherwise.

Blacks in the United States make up 50% of the over two million people in the country's prisons, have the lowest employment and education rates, the highest infant mortality rates and AIDS rates and cervical and breast and prostate cancer death rates, the lowest income and homeownership rates, while less than 1% of all business revenues come from black-owned businesses. Black people in America are not free. The struggle for freedom must continue. A Luta Continua.


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